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Construction and Packaging Services of AAV

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Rabies Virus (RABV)
 Rabies Virus (RABV) is a type of enveloped, bullet-shaped, negative-single stranded RNA virus in the genus of Lyssavirus of the family Rhabdoviridae.The RNA genome of the virus is approximately 12 kb and encodes five viral proteins which includes nucleoprotein (N), phosphoprotein (P), matrix protein (M), glycoprotein (G) and the viral RNA polymerase (L) from 3 ' end to 5' end.
Through reverse genetics, recombinant RABV constructed by Wickersham et al. is based on SAD-B19 vaccine strains. The glycoprotein gene of the modified RABV was completely removed (G-deleted) that it lose the ability to across synapses, but its replication and transcription is not affected. The RABV-∆G can be used to reverse high brightness fine marking neurons. If we provide the G protein first (by first injection with AAV-G ), the recombinant RABV will have the ability to spread retrograde across the synaptic.
To further refine the targeting of G-deleted RABV to specific starter cells, this virus was modified by combining with the envelope proteins EnvA of Avian Sarcoma and Leukosis Virus (ASLV). The infectivity of these viruses is restricted to cells carrying the TVA receptor. Of course, the receptor TVA and the EnvA protein must first be provided.
After years of research, BrainVTA has established a stable production platform, and could offer rabies virus (RABV) services to promote RABV-based neuronal tracing studies.
Changes in neural networks during neural development
● Monosynaptic tracing in specific type of neuron

Popular RABV particles
Cat# Name Description
R01002 RV-EnVA-△G-dsRed Combined with AAV-TVA and AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic
R01003 RV-EnVA-△G-GCaMP6s-dsRed Combined with AAV-TVA and AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic, Calcium signal detection
R01004 RV-EnVA-△G-mCherry Combined with AAV-TVA and AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic
R01010 RV-EnVA-△G-eGFP-synphRFP Combined with AAV-TVA and AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic
R01012 RV-EnVA-△G-ChR2-dsRed Combined with AAV-TVA and AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic
R01013 RV-EnVA-△G-pre-mGRASP-dsRed Combined with AAV-TVA and AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic
R01014 RV-EnVA-△G-post-mGRASP-dsRed Combined with AAV-TVA and AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic
R03001 RV-N2C(G)-△G-eGFP Combined with AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic
R03002 RV-N2C(G)-△G-dsRed Combined with AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic
R03010 RV-N2C(G)-△G-EGFP-synphRFP Combined with AAV-RVG, Retrograde,Monosynaptic

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