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Here is a list of some scientific papers related to part of our core product, which is collected from our customers. Below are only part of the scientific papers.


PNAS/January, 2019     

Basolateral amygdala input to the medial prefrontal cortex controls obsessive-compulsive disorder-like checking behavior   

Sun T, Song Z, Tian Y, Tian W, Zhu C, Ji G, Luo Y, Chen S, Wang L, Mao Y, Xie W, Zhong, Zhao, Luo MH, Tao W, Wang, Li J, Li J, Zhou J, Wang K, Zhang Z

PNAS/January, 2019

Cannabinoid CB1 receptors in the amygdalar cholecystokinin glutamatergic afferents to nucleus accumbens modulate depressive-like behavior

Shen CJ, Zheng D, Li KX, Yang JM, Pan HQ, Yu XD, Fu JY, Zhu Y, Sun QX, Tang MY, Zhang Y, Sun P, Xie Y, Duan S, Hu H, Li XM

Cell Reports/January, 2019

Inhibition of Hsp70 Suppresses Neuronal Hyperexcitability and Attenuates Epilepsy by Enhancing A-Type Potassium Current

Hu F, Zhou J, Lu Y, Guan L, Wei NN, Tang YQ, Wang K

Nature Neuroscience/January, 2019

GABA and glutamate neurons in the VTA regulate sleep and wakefulness

Yu X, Li W, Ma Y, Tossell K, Harris JJ, Harding EC, Ba W, Miracca G, Wang D, Li L, Guo J, Chen M, Li Y, Yustos R, Vyssotski AL, Burdakov D, Yang Q, Dong H, Franks NP, Wisden W

Neuron/January, 2019

Rostral and Caudal Ventral Tegmental Area GABAergic Inputs to Different Dorsal Raphe Neurons Participate in Opioid Dependence

Li Y, Li CY, Xi W, Jin S, Wu ZH, Jiang P, Dong P, He XB, Xu FQ, Duan S, Zhou YD, Li XM

Neuron/February, 2019

A Visual Circuit Related to Habenula Underlies the Antidepressive Effects of Light Therapy

Huang L, Xi Y, Peng Y, Yang Y, Huang X, Fu Y, Tao Q, Xiao J, Yuan T, An K, Zhao H, Pu M, Xu F, Xue T, Luo M, So KF, Ren C

Neuron/March, 2019

A Disinhibitory Microcircuit Mediates Conditioned Social Fear in the Prefrontal Cortex

Xu H, Liu L, Tian Y, Wang J, Li J, Zheng J, Zhao H, He M, Xu TL, Duan S, Xu H

Nature Neuroscience/April, 2019

A novel cortico-intrathalamic circuit for flight behavior

Dong P, Wang H, Shen XF, Jiang P, Zhu XT, Li Y, Gao JH, Lin S, Huang Y, He XB, Xu FQ, Duan S, Lian H, Wang H, Chen J, Li XM



The paraventricular thalamus is a critical thalamic area for wakefulness

Shuancheng Ren, Yaling Wang, Faguo Yue, Xiaofang Cheng, Ruozhi Dang, Qicheng Qiao, Xueqi Sun, Xin Li, Qian Jiang, Jiwei Yao, Han Qin, Guanzhong Wang, Xiang Liao, Dong Gao, Jianxia Xia, Jun Zhang, Bo Hu, Junan Yan, Yanjiang Wang, Min Xu, Yunyun Han, Xiangdong Tang, Xiaowei Chen3, Chao He, Zhian Hu

Nature Neuroscience/November, 2018

A corticopontine circuit for initiation of urination

Yao J, Zhang Q, Liao X, Li Q, Liang S, Li X, Zhang Y, Li X, Wang H, Qin H, Wang M, Li J, Zhang J, He W, Zhang W, Li T, Xu F, Gong H, Jia H, Xu X, Yan J, Chen X

Nature Neuroscience/September, 2018

Serotonin receptor 2c-expressing cells in the ventral CA1 control attention via innervation of the Edinger–Westphal nucleus

Li X, Chen W, Pan K, Li H, Pang P, Guo Y, Shu S, Cai Y, Pei L, Liu D, Afewerky HK, Tian Q, Zhu LQ, Lu Y

Cerebral Cortex/May, 2018

Distinct Anatomical Connectivity Patterns Differentiate Subdivisions of the Nonlemniscal Auditory Thalamus in Mice

Cai D, Yue Y, Su X, Liu M, Wang Y, You L, Xie F, Deng F, Chen F, Luo M, Yuan K

Cell Reports/July, 2018

Neuron-Specific Menin Deletion Leads to Synaptic Dysfunction and Cognitive Impairment by Modulating p35 Expression

Zhuang K, Huang C, Leng L, Zheng H, Gao Y, Chen G, Ji Z, Sun H, Hu Y, Wu D, Shi M, Li H, Zhao Y, Zhang Y, Xue M, Bu G, Huang TY, Xu H, Zhang J

The Journal of Neuroscience/June, 2018

Corticosterone signaling and a lateral habenula-ventral tegmental area circuit modulate compulsive self-injurious behavior in a rat model

Guo Y, Tang X, Zhang J, Jin S, Li J, Ding L, Zhang K, Yang C, Zhou H, He X, Xu F, Bi GQ, Xu L, Lau PM

Translational Neurodegeneration/September, 2018

Alpha-synuclein overexpression in the olfactory bulb initiates prodromal symptoms and pathology of Parkinson’s disease

Niu H, Shen L, Li T, Ren C, Ding S, Wang L, Zhang Z, Liu X, Zhang Q, Geng D, Wu X, Li H

BBA-Molecular Basis of Disease/February, 2018

CDK5-mediated phosphorylation of Sirt2 contributes to depressive-like behavior induced by social defeat stress

Zhang Z, Zhang P, Qi GJ, Jiao FJ, Wang QZ, Yan JG, He F, Zhang Q, Lv ZX, Peng X, Cai HW, Chen X, Sun N, Tian B

The Journal of Neuroscience/March, 2018

Neuronal Organization in the Inferior Colliculus Revisited with Cell-Type-Dependent Monosynaptic Tracing

Chen C, Cheng M, Ito T, Song S

Current Biology/March, 2018

Stress Accelerates Defensive Responses to Looming in Mice and Involves a Locus Coeruleus-Superior Colliculus Projection

Li L, Feng X, Zhou Z, Zhang H, Shi Q, Lei Z, Shen P, Yang Q, Zhao B, Chen S, Li L, Zhang Y, Wen P, Lu Z, Li X, Xu F, Wang L

Molecular Psychiatry/March, 2018

Autism-associated Dyrk1a truncation mutants impair neuronal dendritic and spine growth and interfere with postnatal cortical development

Dang T, Duan WY, Yu B3, Tong DL, Cheng C, Zhang YF, Wu W, Ye K, Zhang WX, Wu M, Wu BB, An Y, Qiu ZL, Wu BL

Nature Communication/April, 2018

Nucleus accumbens controls wakefulness by a subpopulation of neurons expressing dopamine D1 receptors

Yan-Jia Luo, Ya-Dong Li, Lu Wang, Su-Rong Yang, Xiang-Shan Yuan, Juan Wang, Yoan Cherasse, Michael Lazarus, Jiang-Fan Chen, Wei-Min Qu & Zhi-Li Huang


Neuron/July, 2017

Depolarized GABAergic Signaling in Subicular Microcircuits Mediates Generalized Seizure in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Wang Y, Xu C, Xu Z, Ji C, Liang J, Wang Y, Chen B, Wu X, Gao F, Wang S, Guo Y, Li X, Luo J, Duan S, Chen Z

Neuron/July, 2017

A Central Catecholaminergic Circuit Controls Blood Glucose Levels during Stress

Zhao Z, Wang L, Gao W, Hu F, Zhang J, Ren Y, Lin R, Feng Q, Cheng M, Ju D, Chi Q, Wang D, Song S, Luo M, Zhan C

Nature Communications/November, 2017

Impairments of spatial memory in an Alzheimer’s disease model via degeneration of hippocampal cholinergic synapses

Zhu H, Yan H, Tang N, Li X, Pang P, Li H, Chen W, Guo Y, Shu S, Cai Y, Pei L, Liu D, Luo MH, Man H, Tian Q, Mu Y, Zhu LQ, Lu Y

Nature Neuroscience/January, 2019

GABA and glutamate neurons in the VTA regulate sleep and wakefulness

Yu X, Li W, Ma Y, Tossell K, Harris JJ, Harding EC, Ba W, Miracca G, Wang D, Li L, Guo J, Chen M, Li Y, Yustos R, Vyssotski AL, Burdakov D, Yang Q, Dong H, Franks NP, Wisden W

Nature Communications/May, 2017

A retinoraphe projection regulates serotonergic activity and looming-evoked defensive behaviour

Huang L, Yuan T, Tan M, Xi Y, Hu Y, Tao Q, Zhao Z, Zheng J, Han Y, Xu F, Luo M, Sollars PJ, Pu M, Pickard GE, So KF, Ren C

Frontiers in Neural Circuits/July,2017

Whole-Brain Mapping of the Inputs and Outputs of the Medial Part of the Olfactory Tubercle

Zhang Z, Zhang H, Wen P, Zhu X, Wang L, Liu Q, Wang J, He X, Wang H, Xu F

ELife/December , 2017

Activation of the dopaminergic pathway from VTA to the medial olfactory tubercle generates odor-preference and reward

Zhang Z, Liu Q, Wen P, Zhang J, Rao X, Zhou Z, Zhang H, He X, Li J, Zhou Z4, Xu X3, Zhang X3, Luo R3, Lv G2, Li H2, Cao P1, Wang L4, Xu F

Cell Reports/July, 2017

Somatostatin Neurons in the Basal Forebrain Promote High-Calorie Food Intake

Zhu C, Yao Y, Xiong Y, Cheng M, Chen J, Zhao R, Liao F, Shi R, Song S

Cell Reports/November, 2017

A Central Amygdala-Substantia Innominata Neural Circuitry Encodes Aversive Reinforcement Signals

Cui Y, Lv G, Jin S, Peng J, Yuan J, He X, Gong H, Xu F, Xu T, Li H

Biomed Opt Express/July, 2017

Plastic embedding immunolabeled largevolume samples for three-dimensional highresolution imaging

Gang Y, Liu X, Wang X, Zhang Q, Zhou H, Chen R, Liu L, Jia Y, Yin F, Rao G, Chen J, Zeng S

Zoological Research/May,2017

Comparative study of the transfection efficiency of commonly used viral vectors in rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) brains

Wu SH, Liao ZX, D Rizak J, Zheng N, Zhang LH, Tang H, He XB, Wu Y, He XP, Yang MF, Li ZH, Qin DD6 Hu XT

Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience/November, 2017

Insulin Modulates Neural Activity of Pyramidal Neurons in the Anterior Piriform Cortex

Zhou Y, Wang X, Cao T, Xu J, Wang D, Restrepo D, Li A


Nature Neuroscience/January, 2016

Laterodorsal tegmentum interneuron subtypes oppositely regulate olfactory cue-induced innate fear

Yang H, Yang J, Xi W, Hao S, Luo B, He X, Zhu L, Lou H, Yu YQ, Xu F, Duan S, Wang H

Molecular Psychiatry/September, 2016

A novel mechanism of memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease mice via the degeneration of entorhinal–CA1 synapses

Yang X, Yao C, Tian T, Li X, Yan H, Wu J, Li H, Pei L, Liu D, Tian Q, Zhu LQ, Lu Y

Frontiers in Neuroanatomy/October,2016

Whole-Brain Monosynaptic Afferent Inputs to Basal Forebrain Cholinergic System

Hu R, Jin S, He X, Xu F, Hu J

Nature Communications/April, 2015

Processing of visually evoked innate fear by a non-canonical thalamic pathway

Wei P, Liu N, Zhang Z, Liu X, Tang Y, He X, Wu B, Zhou Z, Liu Y, Li J, Zhang Y, Zhou X, Xu L, Chen L, Bi G, Hu X, Xu F, Wang L.

Frontiers in Neuroanatomy/March ,2015

Whole-brain mapping of the direct inputs and axonal projections of POMC and AgRP neurons

Wang D, He X, Zhao Z, Feng Q, Lin R, Sun Y, Ding T, Xu F, Luo M, Zhan C

PLOS ONE/April, 2015

Whole-Brain Mapping of Inputs to Projection Neurons and Cholinergic Interneurons in the Dorsal Striatum

Guo Q, Wang D, He X, Feng Q, Lin R, Xu F, Fu L, Luo M

Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience/March ,2015

Neural circuits containing olfactory neurons are involved in the prepulse inhibition of the startle reflex in rats

Niu H, He X, Zhou T, Shi X, Zhang Q, Zhang Z, Qiao Y, Xu F, Hu M

Molecular Pain/June, 2014

Postsynaptic potentiation of corticospinal projecting neurons in the anterior cingulate cortex after nerve injury

Chen T, Koga K, Descalzi G, Qiu S, Wang J, Zhang LS, Zhang ZJ, He XB, Qin X, Xu FQ, Hu J, Wei F, Huganir RL, Li YQ, Zhuo M.

The Journal of Neuroscience/August,2013

Lateral Entorhinal Modulation of Piriform Cortical Activity and Fine Odor Discrimination

Chapuis J, Cohen Y, He X, Zhang Z, Jin S, Xu F, Wilson DA

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