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Construction and Packaging Services of AAV

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Vesicular Stomatitis Virus(VSV)
 Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) is a non-segmented, negative-strand RNA virus in the genus of Vesiculovirus of Rhabdoviridae family. The genome of VSV is approximately 11kb-12kb nucleotides which encodes nucleoprotein (N), phosphoprotein (P), matrixprotein (M), glycoprotein (G) and large polymerase protein (L). The modified VSV has been widely used as an anterograde tracer.
Glycoprotein (G) is an essential component for VSV to anterograde transsynaptic. When removed G (VSV-∆G), it will lose the ability to cross synapses, but still can express the foreign gene in high abundance. Therefore,VSV-∆G can be used to quickly obtain a complete image of the projection distribution of neurons, and can also be used for anterograde monosynaptic tracing.

BrainVTA has established the recombinant VSV platform based on our experienced staffs and our advanced molecular biology techniques, and could offer VSV services to promote VSV-based neuronal tracing studies.
● Multisynaptic tracing from peripheral to brain center, or the lower to the higher brain region.
● Tracking the neural networks in disease or injury model.
● Changes in neural networks during neural development.

Popular VSV particles
Cat# Name Description
V01001 VSV-eGFP Anterograde,multisynaptic
V01002 VSV-mCherry Anterograde,multisynaptic
V01003 VSV-BFP Anterograde,multisynaptic
V02001 VSV-EnVA-ΔG-eGFP Combined with AAV-TVA and AAV-VSVG, anterograde monosynaptic
V02002 VSV-EnVA-ΔG-mCherry Combined with AAV-TVA and AAV-VSVG, anterograde monosynaptic
V03001 VSV-ΔG-eGFP Combined with AAV-VSVG, anterograde monosynaptic
V03002 VSV-ΔG-mCherry Combined with AAV-VSVG, anterograde monosynaptic
V03003 VSV-ΔG-taueGFP Combined with AAV-VSVG, anterograde monosynaptic
V03004 VSV-ΔG-taueGFP-ferritin Combined with AAV-VSVG, anterograde monosynaptic

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