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The neuronal connectivity by different synapses forms the brain's complex activities. So developing the technology to dissect the brain circuits became urgent in neuroscience to understand the brain functions. Currently, techniques for studying brain circuits include conventional tracers and recombinant viral vectors. The conventional tracers like CTB, HRP, PHA-L, BDAs and so on, but they have some disadvantages, such as: 1) Cell specificity cannot be achieved. 2) Efficiency is not stable. 3) The circuits of the neurons at multiple step of synaptic connections cannot be realized. 
However, due to the ability to efficiently enter cells and deliver a variety of gene, genetically engineered recombinant viral vectors emerged as powerful tools for visualizing neural connectivity. The commonly used neurotropic virus, such as HSV ( Herpes simplex virus type 1), VSV (Vesicular stomatitis virus), PRV (pseudorabies virus) and RABV (rabies virus) can cross synapse from one cell to another, if we provide the protein that used for replicate. In addition, there are also SFV ( mark the fine morphology of in-situ neurons) and AAV viruses(as a helper virus to express exogenous genes or as a monosynaptic tracer with serotypes 1 ) that are used for neuronal tracing.

BrainVTA could offer AAV, VSV, PRV and RABV and HSV service to promote neuronal tracing studies.
Table 1 Recombinant viral vectors commonly used in neural circuit tracing
Type Virus name  Classification Genomic type
Non- transsynaptic Adeno-associated virus, AAV Parvoviridae Single stranded DNA
Canine adenovirus, CAV Adenovirus Double strands DNA
Semliki Forest virus, SFV Togaviridae + Single stranded RNA
Rabies virus (Glycoprotein G-deleted), RV-∆G Rhabdoviridae  -Single stranded RNA
Herpes simplex virus amplicon, HSV amplicon Herpesviridae Double strands DNA
Trans-synaptic Trans multisynaptic Anterograde,multisynaptic Herpes simplex virus, HSV H129 Herpesviridae Double-stranded DNA
Vesicularstomatitis virus, VSV Rhabdoviridae, -Single stranded RNA
Retrograde, multisynaptic Pseudorabies virus, PRV Herpesviridae, Double-stranded RNA
Rabies virus,RV WT Rhabdoviridae,  -Single stranded RNA
Trans-monosynaptic Anterograde, monosynaptic Herpes simplex virus (TK-deleted), HSV-∆TK Herpesviridae, Double-stranded DNA
Adeno-associated virus,serotype 1, AAV1 Parvoviridae, Single stranded DNA
Retrograde, monosynaptic Rabies virus, RV-∆G-EnvA Rhabdoviridae,  -Single stranded RNA
Pseudorabies virus (TK-deleted), PRV-∆TK Herpesviridae Double-stranded RNA
● Fast and high efficiency
● Strong background in neuronal tracing tool
● Hypotoxicity and strong signal
●The most competitive price
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