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Chemogenetics integrates chemical reaction and genetic engineering to control  cell physiological activities, which usually utilize genetically engineered macromolecules that interact with specific synthetic molecules. The most widely used molecules include G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ligand-gated ion channels which are engineered so that instead of their endogenous ligands, they respond to particular small molecules.

Evolutionary timeline of GPCR-based chemogenetic approaches listing the main corresponding tools starting with allele-specific engineered β-adrenergic receptors, RASSLs, and DREADDs. Relevant structures shown include (top) engineered ligands and (bottom) endogenous ligands. Green text indicates no pharmacologic activity at the native target; red indicates activity. Abbreviations: DREADD, designer receptor exclusively activated by designer drug; GPCR, G protein–coupled receptor; RASSL, receptor activated solely by synthetic ligand. (Bryan L.Roth.Annu.Rev.Neurosci.2014)
DREADDs and their downstream intracellular signal transduction pathways.(Deniz Atasoy.Physiol Rev 98: 391–418, 2018)
Chemogenetic Receptor
DREADDs (Designer receptor exclusively activated by designer drug) were engineered from G Protein-Coupled receptors which are relative insensitivity to the endogenous ligandand but could activated by clozapine N-oxide and in turn initiate G-protein signaling cascade and  lead to various physiological changes. Below is a list of representative DREADDs.
DREADD Description Ligand
hM3D(Gq) Increase Ca2+,Activation CNO
hM4D(Gi) Decrease cAMP β/γ-GIRK activation, Inhibitory CNO
KORD Decrease cAMP β/γ-GIRK activation ,Inhibitory SALB
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Schematic overview of how different variants of DREADDs (hM3Dq and hM4Di) can be used to activate and also inhibit groups of neurons (

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