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Construction and Packaging Service of virus Vector

Construction and Packaging Services of AAV

Large scale AAV production

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At BrainVTA, we provide you with outstanding products and services to facilitate your scientific research. Let us know if you have any question or need any help. Let us assist you walking through the jungle.



BrainVTA provides high-quality and high-titer viral preparation Services and professional technical services to customers in the life science research field.

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  • Pre-Made AAVs

    BrainVTA offers high-quality and high-titer viral preparation Services. All pre-made constructs are available in different serotypes ...

  • Pre-Made LVs

    BrainVTA provides high-quality and high-titer viral preparations Services, which adopt the third generation of HIV expression...

  • Neural Circuits

    Neutropic virus is a kind of virus that can infect nerve cells and propagate along nerve circuits. Currently, the development of...


BrainVTA is the leading client service and solutions provider for scientific research.

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