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RNAi Service
RNA interference is a very important technology to study the function of specific genes in both in vitro and in vivo experiment, and has been employed to develop RNAi therapies. Viral vectors, such as AAV/Adenovirus/Lentivirus are well established system to delivery RNAi through expression of shRNA, with excellent safety, efficiency and specificity. 
Comparison of RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9
Both RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9 are methods for down-regulating gene expression. So, how to choose between these two methods?
RNA interference knock down the target gene at the mRNA level, while Cas9 knocks down the gene at the genomic level. Cas9 can completely eliminate the expression of the target gene, and the function of the target protein is therefore completely lost.
Comparison RNAi CRISPR/Cas9 gene knockout
Scope of interference mRNA level Genomic level
Target range Only transcript All genome sequences, such as exons, introns, promoters, enhancers, intergenic sequences, etc.
Elimination level of target protein Incomplete elimination Complete elimination
Function of target protein Lost in part Completely lost
BrainVTA provides multiple services on shRNA including shRNA design, shRNA cloning, RNA interference efficiency screening and virus packaging (Lenti-Virus, Ad-Virus, AAV, and more) as well as the construction of stable cell lines.
ShRNA Design and Vector Construction 
● shRNA is designed based on the target gene, which is driven by pol III promoters (H1, U6).
● The inducible shRNA expression plasmid was constructed by combining with Cre-LoxP systerm, which could achieve specific interference.
● shRNA plasmid based on miR30 structure can achieve specific interference, which is driven by pol II promoters (CMV, EF1a, CAG, TH, GFAP and so on).
Guaranteed shRNA Knockdown
A set of three expression plasmids is offered against every target gene with the guarantee that at least one of the three will have a knockdown effect of 70% or more on corresponding gene expression as determined by qRT-PCR, otherwise the constructs will be replaced one time free of charge. 
Markers and Reporters
Vectors with mCherry or eGFP reporter genes for monitoring transfection or transduction efficiencies. Stable cell are selected with puromycin marker.
Whole Delivery Formats
● 3 individual shRNA constructs of 5 µg purified plasmid.
● ShRNA screening report
● Lentivirus-shRNA or AAV- shRNA and a scrambled control virus.
BrainVTA has extensive experience in RNAi, and could offer optimum experimental conditions according to your requirements. If you have any need, just email us at [email protected] or click the Send Request button.
Success Story
●Targeting aurora kinase B alleviates spinal microgliosis and neuropathic pain in a rat model of peripheral nerve injury. Yu Shen , Zhuofeng Ding , Shengyun Ma, Yu Zou, Xin Yang, Zijin Ding, Yu Zhang, Xiaoyan Zhu  Michael K. E. Schäfer, Qulian Guo, Changsheng Huang .
●Inhibition of Hsp70 Suppresses Neuronal Hyperexcitability and Attenuates Epilepsy by Enhancing A-Type Potassium Current. FangHu, JinghengZhou, YanxinLu, LizhaoGuan, Ning-NingWei, Yi-QuanTang, KeWeiWang
● Endothelial Cdk5 deficit leads to the development of spontaneous epilepsy throughCXCL1/CXCR2-mediated reactive astrogliosis. Xiu-xiu Liu1,, Lin Yang, Ling-xiao Shao, Yang He, Gang Wu, Yu-huan Bao, Nan-nan Lu, Dong-mei Gong, Ya-ping Lu, Tian-tian Cui, Ning-he Sun, Dan-yang Chen, Wei-xing Shi, Kohji Fukunaga, Hong-shan Chen, Zhong Chen, Feng Han, and Ying-mei Lu.


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