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Cre-LoxP System

Cre-LoxP System

Cre-LoxP site-specific recombination system is widely used to carry out genomic editing, including deletion, insertion, translocation and inversion both in eukaryotic and prokaryotic species. The system consists of two components: Cre recombinase and DNA sequences named LoxP site. Cre recombinase is a 38kDd protein encoded by bacteriophage P1. It cooperates to loxP sites by contacting each of two 13bp recombinase binding elements (RBE) arranged as inverted repeats flanking a central asymmetric 8bp strand-exchange region, which in combination form the LoxP site. The asymmetric 8bp sequence is the only factor that contributes to the orientation of LoxP site. 
Cre binding to the loxP sites (Gregory D. Van Duyne .Annu. Rev. Biophys. Biomol. Struct. 2001. 30:87–104 )
The system usually works in the following ways:
● Two LoxP sites with the same orientation leads to the deletion of the sequences between these two sites,
● Two LoxP sites with an opposite orientation leads to an inversion of the sequences between them,
● Two LoxP sites in transfacilitatesDNA insertion with the aid of Cre recombinase.
Cre/loxP system. ( Sabine L. Neurogenetics (2011) 12:97–116 )
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