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Construction and Packaging Service of virus Vector

Construction and Packaging Services of AAV

Large scale AAV production

Custom-Made AAVs
BrainVTA offers tailor-made AAVs for the customers and presents a wide variety of options to choose from. All customized services undergo stringent control to guarantee the quality of the viral particles you receive each time. 
Key informations
● The packaging capacity is~4.7 kb from ITR to ITR for single stranded AAV and ~2.2 kb from ITR to ITR for self-complementary AAV.
● Viral particles are purified by ultracentrifugation on an iodixanol step gradient.
● Quality control assays include qPCR to quantify viral titers and silver stain to determine viral titer and purity after purification.
● Serotypes include 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, rh10, DJ, DJ8, PHP.B, PHP.eB, PHP.S, retro, anc80. Novel peptide modified serotypes can also be produced on a case-by-case basis. For information on Serotype and Tissue Specificity, please visit introduction to AAV Services.
● Here are some examples of different types of custom-made AAV vectors that have been produced successfully:
-Calcium sensors
-Cre / FlpO
-Tracing virus helper
AAV specific infection in some organs and tissues.
Large Scale Custom-Made AAVs Production
BrainVTA has established a serum-free cell suspension culture system, through which we offer large scale production with serum free, antibiotic free, highly purified and highly potent products.

For customers 
Find out our custom-Made AAV service following the guide below:
● Submit your needs to us by clicking the Send Request button or email us at [email protected] and our experienced scientists will design your vector for free.
● Or, for any customers who decides to take use of viruses as nucleotide sequence delivery tools, our scientists will work with you step-by-step from design of study to viral manufacturing to facilitate your research.
Materials you  provide:

AAVs services Materials you  provided
Over-expression gene information; the vector map; sequence
RNAi RNAi sequence/ shRNA plasmid
CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA sequence

Please see the charts below for prices.
          Vector Production Scale
    (Detected from ITR sequences)
Turnaround Prices*
2×1012 vg/ml- 5×1012 vg/ml , 200ul 4-5 weeks $1350
2×1012 vg/ml- 5×1012 vg/ml , 500ul 4-5 weeks $1700
2×1012 vg/ml- 5×1012 vg/ml , 10ml 4-5 weeks $5100
2×1012 vg/ml- 5×1012 vg/ml , 20ml 4-5 weeks $8300
others  inquire Inquire

* An additional fee is charged for plasmid construction service. For detailed price,contact us.
*Shipping Fees may range from $60 to $100, depending on locations.
Please click the Send Request button directly if none of the above serves your purpose. Our highly experienced scientists will always be ready to work you through the jungle.

50% discount for Pre-Made AAVs