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Construction and Packaging Service of virus Vector

Construction and Packaging Services of AAV

Large scale AAV production

Plasmid Construction Services
BrainVTA offers a variety of plasmid vector construction services. Our highly experienced scientists are ready to tackle any of your difficult vector construction projects, including clones with very large size, high GC content and/or highly repetitive sequences. All constructed  plasmid vectors undergo stringent quality control to confirm that they contain the correct sequence exactly as designed. Simply send your plasmid vector construction needs to us, and we will save you time and help you get results faster.
Key Advantages
● High-quality vector construction services at unbeatable price with rapid turnaround;

● Complete human full-length cDNA library could be  selected for plasmid construction services ; 

● Wide varieties of promoters and reporters available for vector construction;

● Multiple species and serotypes of viral vectors can be used for plasmid construction;

● Choices of genetic control systems (Cre/Flp, Flp/FRT, Tet-on/Tet-off).

 Price and turnaround time listed here are in addition to the price and turnaround time for gene clone.
Cloning Procedure Price Timeline
<1kb $ 166.00 1-2 weeks
1kb-2kb $ 183.00 1-2 weeks
2kb-3kb $ 283.00 1-2 weeks
3kb-4kb $ 416.00 1-2 weeks
>4kb Inquire Inquire
If gene synthesis is needed, additional price and turnaround time for vector construction services:
Cloning Procedure Price Timeline
 Gene synthesis $ 0.34/bp 1-2 weeks
If you have any questions about  plasmid  vector construction services, just email us at [email protected] or click the Send Request button.

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