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Optical stimulation protocol
Optogenetics provides a powerful approach for investigating neuronal electrophysiology. Take the light stimulation of the wireless optogenetic control system as the example, the operating procedures of optical stimulation is as follows.

Image source:McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT
The wireless optogenetic control system performs bluetooth pairing through a receiver (weight 3.7 g,  length × width × height 16 mm × 15.6 mm × 10.8 mm) connected with the LED, so as to achieve the purpose of remote light control of specific neuron activity.
Light stimulation parameters: 473 nm, 5.0 mW, 20 Hz, 25 ms blue light stimulation is used to activate glutamatergic neurons in bilateral VLO; 473 nm, 5.0 mW continuous blue light stimulation is used to inhibit GABAergic neurons in bilateral VLO.
The light duration is 3 min. In the behavioral experiment for 6 minutes, there was no light in the first 3 minutes and light in the last 3 minutes.

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