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Protocol for tail vein injection
The most accessible vessels for intravenous administration in rodents are veins that run the length of both lateral aspects of the tail. In this protocol, we present the experimental procedure of tail vein injection in the mouse as follows.
Place the mouse into the tail vein injection holder, then wipe the tail of the mouse with an alcohol cotton ball and warm animal for 5-10 minutes to dilate the veins. Animal may be warmed by using circulating warm water. Be careful to ensure the animal does not overheat.
Grasp the tail at mid-length or at the distal end with the index and thumb finger until the red veins are clearly visible, then the index finger is slightly forward and upward to bend the tail slightly. The bending place at 1/3 of the tip of the tail can be used as the injection site.
Slowly press the plunger to inject your substance into the vein. If the needle is in the vein, there will be no resistance while injecting and the vein itself will blanch. keep for 5-10 seconds after finishing injection to prevent substance from flowing back. Remove the needle from the vein and apply gentle compression for about 1 minute until bleeding has stopped.
Remove the animal from its restrainer and return it in the cage.

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