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Phasic Off responses of auditory cortex underlie perception o
AAV-hChR2 and AAV-ArchT were used for optogenetic experiments. (From BrainVTA)
The viruses used in this article from BrainVTA are in the table below
Optogenetic  PT-0001 rAAV2/9-EF1α-DIO-hChR2(H134R)-EYFP-Pa
Control  PT-0241 rAAV2/9-hSyn-EGFP-WPRE-HGH-pA
Haifu Li, Jian Wang, Guilong Liu, Jinfeng Xu, Weilong Huang, Changbao Song, Dijia Wang, Huizhong W Tao, Li I Zhang, Feixue Liang
Pub Date: 2021-04-20, DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2021.109003, Email: [email protected]
It has been proposed that sound information is separately streamed into onset and offset pathways for parallel processing. However, how offset responses contribute to auditory perception remains unclear. Here, loose-patch and whole-cell recordings in awake mouse primary auditory cortex (A1) reveal that a subset of pyramidal neurons exhibit a transient “Off” response, with its onset tightly time-locked to the sound termination and its frequency tuning similar to that of the transient “On” response. Both responses are characterized by excitation briefly followed by inhibition, with the latter mediated by parvalbumin (PV) inhibitory neurons. Optogenetically manipulating sound-evoked A1 responses at different temporal phases or artificially creating phantom sounds in A1 further reveals that the A1 phasic On and Off responses are critical for perceptual discrimination of sound duration. Our results suggest that perception of sound duration is dependent on precisely encoding its onset and offset timings by phasic On and Off responses.
The mechanism for coding sound duration is not clear. In awake behaving mice, the authors show that the transient, temporally precise offset responses of primary auditory cortical neurons to the termination of sounds are critical for the encoding and perceptual recognition of sound duration.
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