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Polydopamine nanoparticles attenuate retina ganglion cell deg
Xiaotong Lou, Yuanyuan Hu, Hong Zhang, Jia Liu, Yin Zhao
Pub Date: 2021-12-20, DOI: 10.1186/s12951-021-01199-3, Email: [email protected]
Background: Oxidative stress contributes to retina ganglion cells (RGCs) loss in variety of ocular diseases, including ocular trauma, ocular vein occlusion, and glaucoma. Scavenging the excessed reactive oxygen species (ROS) in retinal neurovascular unit could be beneficial to RGCs survival. In this study, a polydopamine (PDA)-based nanoplatform is developed to protect RGCs.
Results: The PDA nanoparticles efficiently eliminate multi-types of ROS, protect endothelia and neuronal cells from oxidative damage, and inhibit microglia activation in retinas. In an optic nerve crush (ONC) model, single intravitreal injection of PDA nanoparticles could significantly attenuate RGCs loss via eliminating ROS in retinas, reducing the inflammatory response and maintaining barrier function of retinal vascular endothelia. Comparative transcriptome analysis of the retina implied that PDA nanoparticles improve RGCs survival probably by altering the expression of genes involved in inflammation and ROS production. Importantly, as a versatile drug carrier, PDA nanoparticles could deliver brimonidine (a neuroprotection drug) to synergistically attenuate RGCs loss and promote axon regeneration, thus restore visual function.
Conclusions: The PDA nanoparticle-based therapeutic nanoplatform displayed excellent performance in ROS elimination, providing a promising probability for treating retinal degeneration diseases.
In this study, the authors designed a versatile therapeutic platform using PDA nanoparticles for ROS scavenging and brimonidine delivery in preventing RGCs damage. The strategy could be considered as a creative inspiration for future neuroprotection drug development.
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