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Computational optical sectioning with an incoherent multiscal

AAV-GCaMP6s was used for chronic imaging. (From BrainVTA)
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Calcium sensors  PT-0145 AAV9-hSyn-GCaMP6s
Yi Zhang, Zhi Lu, Jiamin Wu, Xing Lin, Dong Jiang, Yeyi Cai, Jiachen Xie, Yuling Wang, Tianyi Zhu, Xiangyang Ji, Qionghai Dai
Pub Date: 2021-11-04, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-26730-w, Email: [email protected]
Quantitative volumetric fluorescence imaging at high speed across a long term is vital to understand various cellular and subcellular behaviors in living organisms. Light-field microscopy provides a compact computational solution by imaging the entire volume in a tomographic way, while facing severe degradation in scattering tissue or densely-labelled samples. To address this problem, we propose an incoherent multiscale scattering model in a complete space for quantitative 3D reconstruction in complicated environments, which is called computational optical sectioning. Without the requirement of any hardware modifications, our method can be generally applied to different light-field schemes with reduction in background fluorescence, reconstruction artifacts, and computational costs, facilitating more practical applications of LFM in a broad community. We validate the superior performance by imaging various biological dynamics in Drosophila embryos, zebrafish larvae, and mice.
Figure 1. Schematic of quantitative light-field microscopy (QLFM).
In this study, the authors propose a computationally efficient, incoherent multiscale multiple-scattering model for all kinds of LFM to achieve computational optical sectioning in densely labeled or scattering samples without the requirement of any hardware modifications.
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