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Insulin Modulates Neural Activity of Pyramidal Neurons in the
AAV-GCaMP6s was used for fiber photometry. (From BrainVTA)
The viruses used from BrainVTA in this article are in the table below
Calcium sensors  PT-0110 AAV- CaMKII-GCaMP6s
Yang Zhou, Xiaojie Wang, Tiantian Cao, Jinshan Xu, Dejuan Wang, Diego Restrepo, Anan Li
Pub Date: 2017-12-14, DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2017.00378, Email: [email protected]
Insulin is an important peptide hormone that regulates food intake and olfactory function. While a multitude of studies investigated the effect of insulin in the olfactory bulb and olfactory epithelium, research on how it modulates higher olfactory centers is lacking. Here we investigate how insulin modulates neural activity of pyramidal neurons in the anterior piriform cortex, a key olfactory signal processing center that plays important roles in odor perception, preference learning, and odor pattern separation. In vitro we find from brain slice recordings that insulin increases the excitation of pyramidal neurons, and excitatory synaptic transmission while it decreases inhibitory synaptic transmission. In vivo local field potential (LFP) recordings indicate that insulin decreases both ongoing gamma oscillations and odor evoked beta responses. Moreover, recordings of calcium activity from pyramidal neurons reveal that insulin modulates the odor-evoked responses by an inhibitory effect. These results indicate that insulin alters olfactory signal processing in the anterior piriform cortex.

Figure 1. Insulin decreases odor evoked calcium responses of pyramidal neurons.
This study is aimed to explore how insulin modulates higher olfactory centers. The authors investigated the effect of insulin on the pyramidal neurons from layer 2 of the APC by patch-clamp slice recording, in vivo electrophysiology and fiber photometry. They found a rather complex effect of insulin on this important higher olfactory center.
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